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The renown surf mecca of the world. Explore all four sides of Oahu with a focus on intermediate to advanced surfers. Check dozens of reefs depending on conditions. Small groups allow us to choose between daily adventures such as hiking, snorkeling, cultural history, waterfalls, local restaurants, and more.


  • WE PICK YOU UP at the Airport and cover all transportation on the island.

  • PRIVATE STUDIO: Spacious studio with kitchenette and King Bed.

  • BREAKFAST: Big breakfasts with fresh fruit, granola, pastries, eggs and + fruit, snacks, and beverages for the road.

  • SURF GUIDE: Unlimited surf checks and transportation to all waves.

  • DAILY ADVENTURES: Surfing, snorkeling, hiking, waterfalls, scenic lookouts + more.


Oahu caters towards every apetite. From upscale dining on the beach to burgers and fish sandwhiches at the local hangout. We offer access to several flavors and styles including thai food, pizza, vegan or vegetable dishes, and an opportunity to try the variety of local seafood.

There is certainly no shortage of fresh fruit on the island, including bananas, papaya, coconut, pineapple, and lychees.



Water Temperature. 

75° - 78°f.


Swell Size**. Wave type**

1-3ft. Playful waves for all surfers.


4-5ft. Juicy peaks and down-the-line walls for        intermediate and advanced surfers. Barrels and  punchy sections for shortboarders.


6-8ft. Vertical takeoffs and hollow sections. Top to bottom lefts and/or freight  train rights for intermediate to advanced surfers.


**Oahu is remarkable for its diversity of surfing conditions. When the swell is 10-15+ft. there are plenty of reefs that are sheltered from this size and offer drastically reduced size for all surfing levels.


Wave Location. 

All waves are within 5-15 minute travel from accomodation.



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