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French Polynesia Surf Trips | Fall 2017

We have a busy summer ahead of us, and by no means is that a bad thing. Our tours in Galapagos during March and April are booked, and Central America in June and July is all but booked, BUT there is plenty of space available on our Tahiti and Mo'orea surf trips in August-October.

Tahiti Moorea surf trip. 4x4 Surf Tours.

Book an exclusive 5+ day Surf Trip in Tahiti and Mo'orea:

  • We pick you up from the airport and all transportation logistics here on out.

  • Accommodations (private, clean studios or hotel rooms, based on booking)

  • 3 meals/day + snacks, tropical fruit, and beverages.

  • 2 islands to explore, each with several different waves and tropical landscapes.

  • Surf Guide, with intimate knowledge of waves and local culture.

  • Boat trips to and from waves.

  • Snorkeling, kayaking, and wildlife exploration.

  • Hikes to waterfalls and island tours.

  • Restaurant tours, local food markets, and fresh cuisine prepared for your room.

Imagine arriving in a foreign destination with a decade plus of experience. "Where to surf on what swell and tide, which restaurants are best, and what to do on the down days."

We off an experience of a lifetime, not just a surf resort that is close to waves.

Explore more, guess less, and see the sights that are not in the guide books or magazines.

Adventure awaits in Tahiti and Mo'orea.


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