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4x4 Surf Tours 2.0 | Baja California Surf Trip Packages

First off, we have a long overdue debt of gratitude to all of those who have been trying to book a trip with us for the past couple years, we know it has not been easy for either of us. After a long ride of uncertainty and dozens of canceled trips, 4x4 Surf Tours is returning with a couple small changes. As of now, we are focusing primarily on Baja California, with no current offerings to other destinations. This may change in the future, with potential seasonal specials, but moving forward, we will be offering two different travel options to enjoy the waves, culture, and wildlife of Baja California: 'Basic Camping Surf Trip' & 'Premium Surf Trip'. In addition to our enhanced travel packages, we have addressed a common request: 3 Day Trips! We are now proud to offer 3 day surf trips via Cabo San Lucas Airport(SJD). Currently the 3 day travel option is only available during the south swell/summer months; May 1st through October 31st.

The 'Basic Camping Surf Trip' is very similar to what we have provided in the past; a core surf trip focused on getting off the grid and scoring the best possible waves, given the forecast during your booked travel period. This includes all transportation, food, beverage, camping equipment, and depending on the region and length of travel, a night or two in our favorite desert inn. This travel option is available year-round.

The 'Premium Surf Trip' is a new approach to enjoy some of the finer accommodations, cuisine, and cultural highlights that Baja has on tap. This is still rooted in off-grid surf exploration, but with the modern creature comforts like air conditioning, craft cocktails, fine-dining, and additional Eco-tours. The Premium Surf Trip was created to specifically address the summer months in the region surrounding Cabo San Lucas, as an amazing opportunity to stay in a private, beach side villa outside the hustle and bustle of Cabo, and explore a handful of waves that receive much less attention than the well-known spots near the city. This travel option is not available during the winter months(November - March) due to regional limitations.

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