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NEXT TRIP | APRIL 2019 Tahiti Surf Adventures

Ever wondered what other waves exist near Teahupo'o or even thought about surfing Teahupo'o at 3-5 ft? April is your best chance to score medium sized swell and light wind days! Our Tahiti Surf Adventures begin when we pick you up at the airport and take you back to our local accommodations on the point at Teahupo'o. We serve you breakfast every morning before hitting the surf in our boat, or hiking to exotic waterfalls, or snorkeling in the crystal clear reef lagoons. Our guide takes you by the local supermarket to load up on groceries, and you have full access to our large communal kitchen. Explore several waves, including long hollow left walls and aquarium clear right barrels with the most outstanding tropical backdrops you've ever seen! Come join us in April and save $200 person when you book a group of 2 or more! More details here!


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