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Baja California Surf Forecast October 2022

last updated Oct 13

Long Period 4-6ft SSW swell approaches Baja California,

October 21-24:

Large storm track off South America to provide solid swell for all south facing breaks in Baja California & rest of Mexico. SSW swell expected to peak mid day on Oct 22nd, forecasted at 4-6ft @ 16s. accompanied by calm 6-8knot NW winds. Expect stronger winds (16-20+knots) for back half of swell on Oct 23-24. Potentially an excellent forecast for fickle south swell spots and all pointbreaks throughout Baja California and North America.

Mid Period 4ft NW swell approaches California & Baja California:

October 19 - 21

Large wind event off Aleution Islands sends decent size NW swell to California & Baja California(Norte). Best conditions will be on the 19-20th as longer period swell fills in first with NW winds of 10knots. Expect stronger winds Oct 20-21 as storm track dissipates nears Central Baja California. Excellent potential for all West facing pointbreaks and standout reefs. Swell expected to peak on Oct 20, forecasted at 5ft @ 13s.

COMBO: Mid Period 4ft NW swell approaches Baja California:

October 8-11th

Large wind event off Aleution Islands sends medium sized NW swell to Baja California. Swell expected to peak on morning of oct 10, forecasted at 4ft @ 14s . Winds will continue NW prevailing pattern at 8-12knots. Best at protected pointbreaks with both North and South swell exposure, see below:

COMBO: Long Period 3-4ft SSW swell approaching Baja California Sur:

October 7-10th

Medium sized, long period swell to fill in throughout Baja California Sur for the second week of October 2022. The swell will peak overnight on Oct 7th, forecasted at 4ft @ 16s with prevailing NW winds at 6-8knots. Pointbreaks and reefs should be in perfect form, best early. Look for exposed points that can benefit from additional N swell(combo) on Oct 8th - 10th.

Long Period 3-5ft SSW swell approaching Baja California Sur,

October 3-5th

By the afternoon of the 3rd, expect long period lines filling in throughout Baja California Sur. The swell will peak on Oct 4th, forecasted at 4-5ft @ 17s with prevailing NW winds at 8-12knots. Pointbreaks should be in perfect form! South facing spots in southern regions could receive reinforcement from Hurricane Orlene on 3rd-4th.

Mid Period 3ft WNW swell approaching Baja California(Norte) Oct 3-5th

As of now, forecast is predicting several strong wind events in the Northern Pacific, offering a mid-period, 3-4ft mixed wind swell for Baja California Norte on Oct 3-5th. This small window of swell will coincide with 10-15knot NW winds, so exposed reefs will have fun size but potentially blow out early. Sheltered pointbreaks will see small but rideable surf. Possible larger reinforcement NW swell and additional tropical storm development the following week- stay tuned.

Tropical Storm Orlene to pass under Los Cabos and make landfall near Culiacan, October 1st - 4th

After reaching category 2 status, several hundred miles south of los Cabos, the hurricane will dissipate into a tropical storm and make landfall directly east of La Paz, close to Culiacan. Expect short period S swell, swirling winds, and scatteres showers for Los Cabos area.

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