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FORECAST | APRIL 06-09 Baja California Surf Excursion

THE NORTH PACIFIC ISN'T DONE YET! A solid forecast for Baja California is predicting large surf(4-6ft+) for Sunday the 7th and Monday the 8th. Our 4+ day surf excursion will cover several hundred miles, and visit some of the best and most secluded reefs, beaches, and right points in Baja California. The trip begins in San Diego, where we provide parking for commuters or pick you up at your residence or airport. We will cross the border early in the morning and continue south through the beach cities of north Baja and adventure offroad to a perfect beach campsite. All camping equipment, food, and beverages are provided.

1 SURFER/$795

2 SURFERS/$550/ea

Departure: Saturday April 6th

Return: Tuesday April 9th*

*Return date extended upon request, 4 days minimum, no maximum length.

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