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FORECAST | JUNE 2019 Baja California Surf Excursions

June 1-7, 2019 Forecast (3-5 ft @ 13-14s.)

Head high at select point breaks and slightly overhead at beach break.

Its looking like 'multiple angles of small-mid size swell from the SW for the first 10 days of June'. The southern hemisphere storm tracks are only beginning, with more than 2 solid weeks of May swells in the books, BUT as if that is not enough, tropical storm activity is already underway off the coast of Mexico. Nothing substantial yet, but hurricane forecast centers and weather experts are already predicting 20+ hurricanes this year. "My goodness - nothing in the world compares to our favorite beachbreak or point break when a hurricane (or TWO!) overlaps a solid south pacific ground swell. 2-3 south swell angles at once...You are gonna want to be there, ya kidding me!" -stay on our updates for the next one!!!

June Pricing / Rates here.

Baja Surf Adventures

Join us on an 4x4 overland surf excursion, chasing hurricanes, and sand bottom barrels in the desert. Bonfires and beachfront camping, all you can eat and drink, and adventurous off-road surf exploration.

4x4 Surf Tours

Baja California


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