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Baja California Surf Forecast June 2022

Forecast: 4ft SW swell approaching June 2-5th, 2022.

The South Pacific is awake and churning out multiple 'mid-sized' storms for the next couple weeks. The southern latitudes of Baja California have been receiving consistent chest to head high waves through the second half of May and will continue to enjoy the same conditions for the foreseeable first half of June, accompanied by prevailing NW wind patterns, with predictions of calm, 8-12 knot gusts.

Meanwhile, Southern California is set to experience a coastal eddy for the next week, often referred to as the Catalina Eddy, a localized weather pattern which creates a counter-clockwise vortex within the Southern California bight(Point Conception to San Diego. This weather pattern contributes to 'June Gloom' by trapping the moist cool air along the coastline, until the mid-day temperatures dissipate the marine layer. Expect cool, overcast mornings, followed by mid-day winds, and evening glass offs for the following week or more.

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