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Hurricane Kay leaves wake of damage along Baja California peninsula

last updated Sept 12, 2022.

Highway Sections Impacted:

Relief Aid:

At this moment there is an overwhelming concern for the towns isolated by landslides and impassable roads, both in the mountainous communities and the coastal populations. Please check back for opportunities to donate to an organization that is involved!

Current efforts:

Hurricane Kay

Prayers to all impacted as Hurricane Kay sweeps the pacific coastline of Baja California Sur and Baja California(Norte), making landfall in central Baja. Due to torrential downpours, severe flooding and landslides in Baja California Sur, the highway is impassable in multiple areas along the Sea of Cortes, outside La Paz, Loreto, Mulege, and Santa Rosalia. In addition, power outages will continue to effect a majority of these southern communities.

As Hurricane Kay makes landfall in central Baja, the coastal towns from Punta Abreojos to Punta Eugenia and Cedros Island, as well as Vizcaino and Guerrero Negeo, receive the brunt of the storm, with winds of 65knots and up to 45mm of rain in a period of hours. The direct impact has downed telecommunication, and created numerous flash floods which have made the highway inpassable in multiple areas outside of Vizcaino and Guerrero Negro.

Images gathered from @bcsnoticias

Baja California(Norte) braces as excessive rain accumulates in arroyos fed from local mountains, causing flooding and destruction in the agricultural valleys and coastal towns.

Excessive flooding causing impassable sections on the Carretera 1 throughout Baja California.

El Rosario Bridge Sept 10:

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