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Looking Forward

Our tours have been suspended for some time now, allowing us to revisit our website and go through some old footage. We have been patient, and healthy, awaiting the general direction this current situation is going. For surfers, especially us 'traveling surfers', risk is inherent in much of our active life, but we are very familiar with the intimate task of mitigating it. For us, long before the virus, our concern has been, and is safety. We have always valued the safety of our clients, but accepted the risk associated with surfing and traveling. The one risk we are not willing to take however, is proceeding with business while local communities are not in favor of our presence. This is to be navigated with extreme sincerity and attention, because alongside our clients, our connections and contacts in each destination are the highest priority. As much as we love the waves the most rewarding aspect has been our friendships and partners.

That being said...

We have been in communication with our business partners, connections, resources and friends throughout our destinations, and we are all in agreement with one thing; We will only resume our surf trips, when our local contacts are comfortable resuming their services. As of now, this time period seems to be in the near future, most likely before the end of June 2020. We are optimistic, logical, and cautious, as we have always been, preparing for, and navigating the risk, because persevering through uncertainty is what has driven our surf exploration for the past 20+ years!

Looking forward to our next newsletter and a few more of these south swells.

-4x4 Surf Tours


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