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NEXT TRIP | FEB 2020 Baja California Surf Trips

Baja California | February 2020

The days are getting longer, but the water is getting a little cooler. Still in a 3/2 but not sure how much longer. The warm daytime temps go great with the offshore winds, especially when we get a bit of size, and the night time temps are begging for a beanie and more wood on the bonfire. The next few weeks are available if you feel like exploring off the beaten path for 4+ days and chasing some waves in the desert!

Forecast: Next week has a short window of 6-7ft, moderately organized wind swell with calm mornings and side-offshore afternoons. Potential for surf in all of Northern Baja with potential overhead days. Another substantial swell expected for February 20-29. stay tuned!

Pack your boards and maybe some booties and hit the road with us for a few days this month! Calendar here for booking. February trips from San Diego with parking or pickup provided. Drop us a line with what you are looking for! : pointbreaks, beachbreaks, small peaks, heavy reefs, or anything you can dream of!


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