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ON THE ROAD | Baja California Surf Adventure September 2019

We just returned from our final summer excursion, and boy has it been a marathon! We're talkin 4+ non-stop months of exploring and scoring. From the warm water in Cabo San Lucas to the cooler zones of Northern Baja, the summer of 2019 has been a consistent one. Our biggest swells were back to back in May, leaving us with plenty of excitement for something large to follow, but we hold our breaths while we enjoy the warm water, a constant barrage of 3-4 ft lines and the dozen hurricanes thus far. Its not over yet though, the fall is beginning to show the promise of combo swells and light winds, and we are all booked until late October. Our first availability is October 26, through early November.

A few moments this summer when the elements aligned at our favorite beachbreak!

Countless pushing tides at this well known point down south!

Plenty of hollow walls for those who are looking for it

Another stoic wall in the land of right points.

A mid-day September dream in Baja California

Baja California

Surf Excursions

4x4 Surf Tours.


Discover Baja California on an off-road surf excursion. Depending on length of trip and season, explore with us via San Diego, Loreto, and La Paz. Combination of rustic boutique hotels, and 4x4 overland tours to beachfront camping and surf exploration of pointbreaks and beachbreaks. All food/beverages included: Dinner around bonfires, taco stands, restaurant tours, BBQ's, beers & margaritas.


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