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ON THE ROAD | Baja California Surf Excursions December 2019

December was non-stop. With 3 solid NW swells, this month was as consistent as it gets for surf in Northern and Central Baja California. We had a couple pre-booked excursions (which payed off for our guests whom reserved their dates months in advance), and another strike mission to chase one of the better swells this year. Plenty of days were spent in passing at the reefs and beachbreaks up north, but the standout sessions took place at our favorite right points further south.

Let this be a reminder for anyone interested in reserving dates next winter; December usually doesn't disappoint. Some of the holiday crowds were around, but plenty of waves went un-ridden.

Happy New Year, and we hope to see you on one of our Baja Surf expeditions in 2020.

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