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ON THE ROAD | Baja California Surf Tours January 2020

A couple solid swells last month, and one with a very rare and memorable direction. Very few times do you see a wave and it happens to be the best it has looked in 20 years. Sometimes, things align and the little stretch of coast that you rarely considered is the only option, but only a few know its an option. Somewhere where the sand looks like it appeared overnight. Grab your suit, some booties or a hood, and your favorite pair of fins and a barrel board. Load the gear- grab a bunch of food for the next few days, and hit the road, dirt, mud, rock, sand and water.

January 1st made some history in my book. Not the best or the biggest, just impressive and raw. The odd dozen barrels in a session and walking away when the wind changes at 1pm. Stay tuned with our newsletter for the next time it goes off and a chance to join!

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Baja California

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