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ON THE ROAD | June 2019 Baja California Surf Trip

June 2019. The forecast for this past few weeks appeared average, delivering a modest 3ft at 14s from the south, but we were able to find some nooks and crannies to satisfy the hunt. The spring wildflowers still linger, as days range from hot sunshine to light rains that mist the hillsides and provide glassy seas for days on end. Water temperature is warming up to the mid 60's and the dolphins have been sharing a few peaks with us. Enjoy a few photos from the road on our Baja California Surf Excursions.

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sharing a pointbreak with a couple friends. Baja California

Baja California is remarkably consistent, with over 1000 miles of exposed coastline. Come see what you can discover in just a week!

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Baja California Surf Excursions


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