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ON THE ROAD | Tahiti Surf Adventures Spring 2019

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Tahiti Surf Adventures 2019. Explore Tahiti with Experience!

Hop off the plane, straight into the company of one of the most knowledgeable guides in Tahiti. Throw your boards in the truck and drive along the coast of this majestic tropical island, until you reach the accommodations at Teahupo'o. Relax with some tropical fruit in hand, before getting a few crystal clear barrels! We take you to the supermarket to fill up on groceries for the week, or make it easy and grab some burgers or fish plates from our favorite local restaurant. Join us on a week of sublime reef passes, waterfalls, rainbows, and palm trees! Tahiti Surf Adventures 2019.

4x4 Surf Tours Tahiti Surf Adventures. more images and details here!

Adventurous surf camp style trips to Tahiti, French Polynesia. 5-7 day surf trips for groups of 1-8. We provide: Accommodations, airport transfers from PPT, breakfast, and boat rides to surf, waterfalls, etc.

Book your trip online, or speak to one of our travel agents:

Our Tahiti Surf Adventures were created for intermediate to advanced surfer looking to explore Tahiti with experience. Our guide has 20+ years of knowledge, and this goes directly into your travel window; including knowledge of wind, tides, and swell angles, in order to make the most of your vacation. Explore with experience. 4x4 Surf Tours.


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