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SALE | JULY 2019 Tahiti Surf Adventures

The island of Tahiti is getting lit up by solid swell for the first couple weeks of July, , with long stretches of favorable winds, so take a couple hundred dollars off haha. Its not everyone's cup of tea, and by that I mean damn its going to be big and firing! BUT If you love packing big barrels and have a good taste for reef waves, come stay with us out at the end of the road! Better yet... take advantage of the airfare deal by United and others right now. $630-750 round trip from US, and we'll SEE YA AT THE AIRPORT!.


7 days, 6 nights.

Valid through July only.

10% off 2 surfer package, (save $175 per person!)

15% off 4 person package!(save $250 per person!!)

4x4 Surf Tours

July Tahiti Rates

Surfing in tahiti. Surf guide tahiti

Booking info here

Tahiti Surf Adventures


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