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SALE | May 2019 American Samoa Surf Trip 7 days

American Samoa just happens to be considered United States territory and is probably one of the most exotic and tropical islands in the Pacific, let alone in the U.S.

Jagged green volcanic mountains pour into waterfalls, and stunning aqua lagoons. The surf is advanced to expert, offering several hollow and epic reef setups with tricky entries and the required knowledge to surf during certain tides. If you are looking for a tropical getaway with phenomenal surf, gorgeous white beaches littered with colorful shells, and mind altering landscapes, look no further than American Samoa. Our accommodations include an ocean front property with a pool and private rooms with 2 queen beds OR 1 King bed with several amazing restaurants within a few minutes drive.

For the month of MAY we are offering our 7 day American Samoa Surf Trip ($1700) at a $150 discount. All inclusive surf travel in American Samoa, including surf guide, airport pickup, private accommodations, breakfast, and daily adventures, snorkeling, hiking and more for $1550/person!


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