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4x4 Surf Tours Baja California Surf Excu
4x4 Surf Tours Baja California Surf Excu

Before booking, meet the guide!

No travel agent, No passing your details or requests along.

The person you email, call, or skype with, is the same person meeting you at the airport, the same person taking you through the desert to an empty lineup, and the same person hooting you into the wave of the day.


Our guides have 20+ years of experience!

We lived in these locations and speak their languages. We explored their coastlines and studied their swells, making friends along the way, to enable a seamless travel experience, for adventurous surfers like you.

Your time abroad is limited, and we keep our parties small to make the most of it. No more than a few surfers at any given time on our tours to respectfully access exclusive surf.


Our Guides have it wired so you Explore more, and guess less. Experience is priceless, and our guides have it by the decades. They were surfing before they picked you up at the airport; they know these waves inside and out, backed by years of forecasting and exploring.

So, don't hesitate to reach out and set up a call, so you can discuss each detail in pick our brains before you book the best surf trip!


Our Baja California Surf Guides have spent the past 20 years exploring these coastlines. Our combined experience includes: extensive experience in hospitality and translation in Latin America, degrees in International Relations & wildlife conservation, years of elite water polo experience, wilderness rescue training, CPR, lifeguard & first-aid training.


Our Tahiti Surf Guide has spent the past 20 consecutive years surfing the beautiful waves of Tahiti, living at Teahupo'o. He speaks a few languages, loves to cook, travels the world as a pro bodyboarder and surfer, and has spent a fair amount of time in tubes all over POLYNESIA.


Our Galapagos Islands Surf Guide has 30+ consecutive years scuba diving and surf exploring throughout the exotic Galapagos archipelago, with countless hours of experience working with surfers from all over the world and high end, small group surf adventures and retreats.

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