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NEXT TRIP | FEB 2020 Galapagos Islands Surf Trips

The Galapagos Islands | February 2020

Feel like like escaping winter in North America, for the equatorial heat of South America? Come visit the Galapagos Islands and enjoy an 8 day surf trip in one of the most exotic and diverse playgrounds. From volcanic landscapes and abundant wildlife to evening strolls along the waterfront with multiple dining options and cultural experiences, Galapagos Islands have it all! Bring the family, or your significant other, and let us do the planning, because we just might save you time and money, and we promise not to leave anything out. Intro packages on San Cristobal island starting at $1600/person/8 days.

February consistently provides large NW swells that reach the Northern facing shores of San Cristobal, providing a few solid surf options within walking distance of our villa, OR hop on a half-day boat and explore more remote beaches and reefs with our surf guide. If the weather really cooperates and swell is pumping, we have an exclusive full-day boat trip to visit even more remote stretches of coastline that have only been surfed for the past year. This experience is a world-class adventure in itself! Full boat trip packages starting at $2250/person/8 days.

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Galapagos Islands


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