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The quickest way to Renew your U.S. Passport

Do you need to renew your passport ASAP for an upcoming trip?

The 'Urgent Travel' option, also referred to as the 'Expedited at Agency' process allows you to receive a new passport in a few days. This process requires a few things in addition to the $130 Passport renewal fee, and is the fastest, easiest way to renew a U.S Passport: Use your passport until you appear in person at a U.S. Passport center with documents and hand your passport over for a few days, at which point your new U.S Passport comes in the mail. This applies to all current, expiring, and expired passports.

U.S. Passport Processing Times:

  • Routine: 7 to 10 weeks

  • Expedited: 4 to 6 weeks

  • Expedited at Agency: 1-5 days

Requirements to Renew U.S. Passport (Expedited at Agency):

  • Appear in person at a Passport Center with 'Documents' , see below.

  • Proof of International Travel within 14 days

  • Expired or current passport

  • New Passport Photo

  • Pay Fees

Steps to Renew Passport (Expedited at Agency):

  1. Book International Travel within 14 days - Print your tickets, or rental car, or hotel receipts as 'proof of travel'.

  2. Book a U.S. Passport Center appointment here: 1-877-487-2778 - Speak to an agent and book an appointment at a Center nearest you within 14 days of travel. Confirm your ID number and details for appointment in person. See locations below.

  3. Gather Documents - Proof of travel, Passport, ID, Photo, form DS-82

  4. Appear in Person at U.S. Passport Center appointment

  5. Pay fees ($130 + $78.32) and present documents

  6. Receive New U.S. Passport in mail within 1-5 days

Documents you need to Renew Passport (Expedited at Agency):

  • Proof of International Travel within 14 days of appointment - Print your tickets, or rental car, or hotel receipts.

  • Passport - Current or expired.

  • ID + photocopy - see requirements here

  • Passport Photo - see requirements here

  • Form DS-82 - must present in person

  • Form of Payment (credit, debit, cash)

U.S. Passport Centers:

U.S. Passport Fees:

For a list of all fees and details, visit here

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