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FORECAST | MARCH 11th Tahiti Surf Adventures

Forecast: 3-5ft SW swell approaching Tahiti March 11th - March 14th.

Early early season! Our next available trip will be a strike mission to Tahiti to enjoy a fun-sized SW swell. This 3-4 day pulse should provide head-high+ waves at Teahupo'o and our other two favorite reef passes! This is an amazing opportunity to escape the cold and enjoy water temps in the 80's. Come jump on the jet ski and adventure through exotic lagoons to perfect surf with clear water and incredible volcanic backdrops. Our Tahiti surf trips are as authentic as you can get when it comes to exploring French Polynesia. Each surf trip is hosted by our Tahitian guide with decades of experience. Our newsletter with over $200 in savings on this trip went out yesterday, so Subscribe for discounts on future trips and forecasts like this!

4x4 Surf Tours

Tahiti, French Polynesia


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