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NEXT TRIP | MAY 04 - 11 Galapagos Islands Surf Trips

South swells have been blessing the southern hemisphere with 'weeks on end' of consistent surf. May just might be our favorite month in Galapagos, for a few reasons...

First-off, we are all goofy footers, so a reeling left pointbreak on south swells, with soft offshore winds might be as good as it gets... add a few barrel sections and abundant wildlife - we're hooked. Secondly, the Galapagos Islands is smack-dab on the equator, and can be very warm in the peak southern hemisphere summer months (Dec-Feb)... So, by the time the month of May rolls around, we welcome the cooler water temps and embrace the fresh change with a wetsuit top or springsuit! The third and final reason why we love May? Crowds... or lack of them. It is a shoulder month for surf travel, especially in South America.

Need a few more reasons? send us an inquiry, and we'll tell you another thousand reasons why you should come and surf with us in Galapagos this month.

May 2019 Availibility

Galapagos Surf Resort | 8 day surf trips to San Cristobal Island |
Stunning views of San Cristobal from one of our favorite hikes!

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