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NEXT TRIP | FEB 2019. Galapagos Surf Resort 8 Days

The North Pacific is far from slowing down, with February kicking into gear, but our Galapagos Islands 8 Day Surf Camp availability is limited. This isn't the end of our swell season, but it could be the last window to score 'Carola,' the famed right hand freight train. If you're a goofy footer, or love 'lefts' in general, then have no fear- and join us in March or April when the lefts come to life! Give us a ring or send us an email if you have any questions or wish to reserve your dates!

February Availability:

02/16 - 02/23 (2-4 persons) $1600/person

02/23 - 03/02 (2-4 persons) $1600/person

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