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Baja California Surf Trip Hotels & Accommodations

Our Baja California surf trips operate year round in multiple different regions, and depending on the season, and your travel package, we will be lodging at one (or several) of our favorite accommodations. Baja California is home to every  type of Resort, Hotel, Motel, boutique Inn, and budget hostel, and over the past decades, we have chosen a few that best serve our clients along our preferred surf travel routes. A nice clean bed and shower are such a treat after a few days camping in the desert or even as an overnight stop to break up a long drive.

Due to the nature of chasing a swell, changing forecasts, and international travel delays; our choice of lodging is often decided upon on the day or week of travel, to accommodate the dynamic aspect of each surf trip. All accommodations have been chosen to meet our preferred standards are are included in the value of your chosen package. Below are the seasonal routes and the corresponding accommodations.


November through March we operate the majority of our tours in North and Central Baja California. Travel begins and ends in San Diego, with a handful of boutique Inn’s and small Hotels along the way.

These are a few examples of our Premium Package Winter Baja California Surf Trip Accommodations:


May through October we operate the majority of our tours in Central and South Baja California. Travel usually begins and ends in Loreto, with a handful of charming small Hotels and beach-side motel's. Here is a look at some of our Premium Package Summer Baja California Surf Trip Accommodations:

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