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Baja California Surf Forecast July 2022

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Long Period 3ft SSW swell approaching July 25th - July 28th

A small window of long period swell will combine with very light winds to provide clean conditions and small to medium sized surf throughout Central and South Baja. Swell builds throughout the day on the 25th, peaking on the 26th, with a forecast of 3ft at 16seconds with light sea breeze and potential swirling winds.

Long Period 4-5ft SW swell approaching July 13th - July 17th, 2022.

The middle of July will see an uptick in ground swell from a long range south pacific storm. Forecast is calling for 4-5ft at 17seconds, which will most likely groom all southern facing points and beachbreaks in Baja California Sur. Winds for this period are light offshore in the morning with strong afternoon flow, potentially becoming lighter throughout the swell, as tropical storm pressure continues to increase again.

Hurricane Bonnie takes unusual path to provide medium sized wind swell July 7th - July 10th

Tropical storm activity and localized wind swell will continue through the first and second week of July, bringing Southern Baja numerous medium sized wind swells and swirling winds. Hurricane Bonnie takes an unusual track, after blowing through the Atlantic for several days, the storm will cross over Central America and begin to re-strengthen in the Pacific where it will follow a Northwest trajectory into the open ocean.These conditions offer a good opportunity to explore the beaches and reefs that benefit from alternative wind directions or light wind days.

Tropical Storm Celia adds to Long period 4ft SW swell approaching July 4th - July 8th, 2022.

The third tropical storm of the season, Celia, is wrapping up and away from the coast of Central Baja as a mid sized, long period, southwest swell grooms the coast for the next 4-6 days. Celia will produce a few pulses of head high surf before it takes a westward trajectory on Wednesday, adding to the existing, consistent groundswell( 3-5ft at 16 second ). This is ample energy to see some of Baja's best point-breaks light up, and the beachbreaks will be well overhead in select regions. The wind forecast is predicting strong prevailing NW flow down the coast, with medium to light mornings and heavy offshore flow in the afternoons. As water temps warm up quickly, this wind pattern will continue until the nearshore water temps reach higher highs.

Tropical Storm Celia amidst a long period Southern Hemisphere swell
Tropical Storm Celia amidst a long period Southern Hemisphere swell

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