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ON THE ROAD | Baja California Surf Tours 'off the beaten path'

"How far down do you go?" or "Where does this trip go?"

These are usually the first questions we receive from our perspective clients...

if you know Baja California, this question has relevance, and if you are looking at our tours and traveling to 'the California's" for the first time, this question usually cannot be answered in one sentence, due to a multitude of factors. There are a handful of elements which affect this answer...

Our Baja Surf Tours are extremely dynamic and swell dependent, so we usually have a plan A, B, C & D for every trip. For example, if the travel dates occur in the Northern Hemisphere winter, we are most likely traveling to North Baja exclusively. This still presents a range of 100-500 miles of coastline, which works on a variety of swell directions and wind patterns. When we travel during the spring, we operate along the entire coast of Baja, covering up to 1200 miles, and once again, depending on the length of the trip, and swell/wind forecasts. Summer travel dates encompass the entirety of the Baja Peninsula, with a focus on the Southern Baja, which is why we require 7 days minimal travel. Fall, like spring, includes the entire length of the Baja coastline, depending on direction of swell and length of travel.

So, when we reply to these questions, we know how intimidating it may sound to some, and how intriguing it is to others, but the bottom line is, for security purposes and for lack of giving away our beloved spots, secrets, and discoveries from our years of experience, we'd rather not say exactly where we are going. Just know that you are in good hands, we've been there before, and if you are looking for a certain type of wave, we know where to find it.

The Crew,

4x4 Surf Tours Baja California

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